Carrot, and Onion, and... Ambrosia? Oh, My!

Five days ago I mentioned some plants sprouting inside my carrot and onion containers that were very obviously not carrots and onions.  I decided not to pluck them out of the ground, worried that I may disrupt the carrot and onion seeds.

I'm glad I made that decision!  No, the mystery sprouts didn't turn out to be the fabled ambrosia of the gods, nor did they turn out to be some sort of magnificent food crop.  They may still turn out to be one of these things, but I think the chances of this are pretty remote.

The reason that I'm glad is that carrots and onions have finally begun to sprout.  Based on the timing, if I had elected to pluck the mystery sprouts I indeed would have disrupted the growth pattern.  This may have caused the roots to weaken.  Since I left everything alone, however, I've been blessed with some extraordinarily healthy seedlings.

Yeah, I know... my picture quality has been going down, lately.  I apologize for that.  All photos come from my phone, which has been on the path toward death for quite some time.  I finally broke down and ordered a new one, so hopefully you'll see better pictures again, soon.

Anyway, soon I'll have to go into these containers and pluck out all of the mystery sprouts, and I'll also have to thin out my planted seedlings so that they have ample space to grow, but I'm on my way to edible gardening success!  Hooray!