DIY Cascarones That Won't Anger Your Neighbors!

Where I come from, cascarones, or confetti-filled eggs, are a tradition.  Children take great joy in breaking them on top of each other's heads and watching the confetti fly all over the place.

I love cascarones.

Unfortunately, not everybody shares this joy.  Even in my old home, where people can walk into Walgreens and buy a dozen, there are plenty of people that turn their nose up at them.  This is mainly because they make a huge mess.  Cleaning confetti out of your lawn isn't exactly the most doable thing, so if some manages to get into a neighbor's yard, they aren't particularly happy.

I'm no longer in my desert southwest home, so the manner is even more complicated.  While I don't think the neighbors would be very angry about the confetti leftovers, I can't be sure that I'm correct.  This means I have to get creative.

It's a good thing I like being creative!

The plan is to fill them with colored birdseed.  Not exactly as exciting as confetti, but it'll help ensure I don't have angry neighbors.  The idea is that the birds will clean the mess for me.  I just have to be sure to pick the right colors.  Different birds prefer different shades, after all.

I started this morning.  Easter is close, so I really started a little late.  I'll have to eat a lot of eggs if I want a decent amount of cascarones. 

I broke only the tips of the eggs off, then slid the yolks and whites out through the holes.  Afterwards, I cleaned out the shells and let them dry on a paper towel, being careful not to crush the fragile shells. 

Three down, many to go.  This, of course, is only step one.  Step two will be posted within a few days, so keep checking back!