DIY Lantern Fun!

My husband and I have been trying very hard to conserve electricity in our household.  One of the ways in which we do this is by turning the lights out whenever we leave the room.I've never had a problem with this before, but the light switch placement in our current home makes this rather difficult.

The kitchen light switch, for example, is by the back door.  This shouldn't be a problem, but it means I have to walk back through the dark kitchen to get to whichever room I happen to choose to spend time in.

And I'm clumsy.  Really clumsy.

I've bumped into counters, tripped over dog toys, slammed my hand into the stove...  the list goes on.  The bruises on my hip, as well as the scratches on my hands tell me that I really need some sort of light in there.  An led nightlight would be a good option, but the kitchen has a whole two outlets.  One is behind the oven, while the other is behind the microwave.  I need something else.

A lantern!

Fortunately, I made spaghetti last night, so I have a large glass jar to use.  I have candles, as well, so I already have a light source. 

I figure I'll need some paint so that the flame isn't too bright.  I'm like a moth.  If there's a bright light around, I'm drawn to it.  There's nothing wrong with that, really, except that I end up with spots floating in front of my eyes for several minutes afterwards, thereby making my talent for clumsiness climb to even higher and more exciting levels.

Time to gather up my supplies!