Energy loss and... spiders?

It was like a sudden explosion in my head.  It was obvious if I had just taken the time to consider the evidence at hand, but, of course, I hadn't paid the least bit of attention.

The spiders were talking.

No, they weren't using words.  That would be completely crazy.  Their actions, however, spoke volumes.  What were they saying?

The spiders were telling me where large amounts of energy loss were occuring!

So here's the deal.  Spiders, just like people, have this thing about wanting to be warm.  Because of this, they'll squeeze through areas that have warm air coming through them and set up house in the area where energy is being lost.

There worst part?  I didn't discover this on my own.  I heard it mentioned in passing on television.  Naturally, I ran to discover any webs in the house, and I found quite a few.  Closer inspection showed me that, yes indeed, each one of the webs was resting in an area of significant energy loss.

Time to bring out the caulking gun, again.