A while back my sister had given me a box of cereal that she thought my daughter would like because it had a well known cartoon character on the front.  My daughter was very excited about it, so she was correct in that regard, but then it came time to actually eat the stuff.

My daughter proclaimed it inedible.

Well, ok.  What she actually did was make a face, spit it out, then yell "YUCK!" at a loud volume, but I consider that to be pretty much the same thing.

Naturally, I tested the cereal, as well.  I placed a spoonful into my mouth.  It really wasn't bad.  I couldn't understand why she hated it so much.

Then I chewed.

Eew.  While it tasted quite nice initially, the flavor that was released upon being chewed was rather... yuck. 

The cereal stayed on top of the fridge for months.  We then moved to the other side of the country, and it managed to get packed away with other kitchen items.  When I discovered this it went up onto the fridge yet again.

Previously I had talked about ways to use leftover food.  None of those options felt quite right when I considered this inedible cereal that had taken up residence on top of two different refrigerators.

Three days ago, I decided that I would sprinkle some of the cereal onto a bench in the backyard.  I figured the squirrels would be happy to eat it.  Well, this morning I checked the bench, and this is what I discovered:

Yep.  Even the squirrels find it inedible.