Insulating the Water Heater Part 2

Well, it's done! 

At last I've managed to wrap an insulating blanket around my water tank.  It's not pretty.  No companies will be knocking down my door and begging to use my image for their product ads (unless they want it for a "what not to do" image).

But I'm happy.  It's done, and my clumsiness didn't cause me to end up with any new injuries.  Well, ok... I did manage to get some insulation in my left eye, but aside from some slight ocular irritation I came out completely unscathed.

The days have been pretty warm this week, so I've had no need for my heater (which was the worst user of the hot water tank), but this will still come in handy in terms of showers and dishwashing.  Keeping that tank water warm is going to make my utility bills a bit lighter, which means my ecological footprint will get a wee bit smaller.

Insulating was a bit difficult due to the size of the blanket I wrapped around it, which is why it looks so puffy on top.  I didn't stretch the top portion as well as the bottom.  I should also point out that I did not insulate the top of the tank.  It appears that way because that's where everything was taped down, but this is a gas water heater, and you should never insulate the top of a gas water heater.

It's ugly, but it's done, and it wasn't hard at all.  I'm calling this a success.

To see what I had to work with, check out Insulating the Water Heater.