Sickness, Seeds, and Sunshine

I woke up this morning to sunlight beaming down onto my face.  The day was warm, with the slightest breeze.  Just enough to make the morning air welcoming and beautiful.  The birds were singing, and the neighborhood felt peaceful and bright.  I couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect day to go back to Farmer and Seed to pick the ideal seeds for this year's edible landscape.  There was just one slight problem.

I was sick.  Still am, as a matter of fact.

I got out of bed and shambled down the hall, competing with television zombies for the 'most dead' appearance of all.  I even moaned a little, I think.

I'm not often sick, so when I am I have this strange need to overdramatize the situation.  I shuffle about, I moan and groan, and I even pout a bit when people walk into the room, just waiting for the "Is there anything I can do to help?" that is inevitably asked.

"No.  I just need... rest.... uuuuuungh."  Have I mentioned that I minored in theatre in college?

So today I did all of this, as per habit, then sat at my computer to type.

And I sat.

And I sat a while longer.

It appeared that my illness had gone straight to my head, as nothing even close to resembling a blog post swam through my brain.  So I went back to moping on the couch.

I'm not really one for sitting around and doing nothing, though, so I got up again to check on my jiffy pots.  I discovered that lettuce had already sprouted in one of the pots!  Hooray!

The joy I got out of this propelled me into action:  I decided to seed a few more jiffy pots with basil, chives, and parsley.  It took me a while, but I managed to bumble through my gardening.  I placed them in a window sill and smiled as the sun shone down on them.  "One step closer to my edible landscape dream," I thought.

It then occurred to me that I may be sick, but the rest of the world continues, and the sun still shines.

And it's beautiful.