DIY Cascarones That Won't Anger Neighbors Part 3

Instead of the confetti that I so adore, this year I elected to use bird seed to fill my cascarones.  This isn't as exciting as confetti, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is something that I can use that won't anger my neighbors. 

Instead of a large amount of colored paper littering my yard, I'll have colored bird seed strewn about.  Theoretically, this bird seed will get eaten by the birds, as well as the squirrels that frequent my yard, thereby doing the post-fun cleaning job for me, and keeping complaints by neighbors that don't know about the tradition of cascarones to a minimum... possibly even avoiding complaints completely.

Instead of using plants to dye the seeds, I used simple food coloring.  I added a few drops of color to the seed, then stirred them until they were coated. 

After doing this I set the seeds in the oven at 250 degrees for about 10 minutes in order to speed up the drying process. 

When everything from the egg shells to the seeds were totally dry, I filled the shell with the seeds, moistened a small piece of paper that I tore in the matching food color, then wrapped the wet paper around the open area of the shell. 

Once the paper dries it clings to the shell, so no adhesive is needed.  If, however, the paper decides not to stick in place, you can always use basic elmer's glue to finish the job!

That's all there is to it!  Easy, right?  There are still a few days left, so make some cascarones for yourself, and have fun!

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