I Will Have Mint, Darn It!!!

After transplanting my canterbury bells, I was energized.    I had one more built in planter on my porch, and I refused to sit around just staring at it.

Ok, I had actually started on that planter a while ago, planting peppermint and anise seeds.  That was only semi-successful, though, due to the digging of an overzealous squirrel in search of his missing walnut.  None of the peppermint I planted ever sprouted.

The halved milk jug that I used to cover the anise seeds was also lost, but I was fortunate there.  Those seeds did sprout up rather nicely.

That just wasn't enough for me, though.

A few days ago I attempted to place some peppermint seedlings that I had been growing into the space where the original peppermint had been planted.  They're still there, but the squirrel has already upset the area a few times, and I'm not holding out much hope for them.

I needed more, and I wanted mint.  Peppermint, spearmint, sweet mint... it didn't truly matter to me, as long as it was mint.  If I had my way, I'd place mint in the fruit and vegetable juices I make each and every morning.  Sadly, fresh mint is expensive, so I don't buy it often.

Then I went to the store and found sweet mint plants.  The live plants cost roughly the same amount as the mint cuttings I occasionally purchase.  If I bought one of those, I could easily make up the cost!!!

I grabbed them up with excitement.  I would have my beautiful green mint plants, and nothing could stop me!

::cue maniacal laughter::

I planted them at the edge of the planter that held the anise.

Aren't they gorgeous?!  I really hope they do well.  There's a large amount of catnip in the backyard that I've actually been pulling, due to its ability to try to take over the area, and catnip is a part of the mint family, so there's hope!