Monday, April 30, 2012

The Planting of the Peas

Now that the root vegetables in my backyard garden plot are doing nicely, I've decided that it's time to plant something new.  Sugar snap peas sound like a yummy idea, especially since they're some of the few vegetables I can actually get my daughter to willingly eat.  She calls peas "green corn."  I'm not about to dissuade her from this name choice, either.  Not if it gets her excited about them!

I'm not actually sure how well they'll do in an area that's been tainted with black walnut, but the seeds were only $1.50, so it's worth a shot.  That's less than the cost of a Sunday newspaper in some places, after all.

I selected a spot next to the shed wall, and started uprooting unwanted plants.  Dandelions, creeping charlie, catnip, and even a maple sapling were some of the items in my "weed pile".  The pile was quite large.

At last, the area was cleared.  The next step was to loosen the soil.

With this work done, I decided to plant the seeds in a line straight down the center of the area, in order to provide ample room for the roots.  I then watered the area and put the wood chip mulch back into place.  After that, I went a step further and used the mulch to create separate areas so that I knew where each seed was planted.

I stared down at my plot and realized something...

It appears I don't know the meaning of the word 'center'.  The line of seeds should have been planted an inch or so further away from the wall than I placed them.


I guess we'll just have see what happens!

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