Yay For Radish Sprouts!

The radish seeds I planted in the second tier of my sloped garden have already begun sprouting!

Two of the sprouts are very obvious, but the others are so small that they're very difficult to see.  In a direct line with those two sprouts there are an additional four.  If you put your eyes right up to your monitor you may be able to see them, but I really wouldn't recommend it!

The second row of seeds, which is to the left of this one, has also begun to sprout, but I elected not to take a picture of that row, since the sprouts were smaller.  There's a limit, after all, to how much eye strain I'll make you go through!

I planted these icicle radish seeds about seven days ago, which means they've sprouted on the early side of the listed germination time.  Still within normal limits, though, so I'm in the clear!  No worries that I planted them too close to the surface, or anything.

I do have one concern, however.  We had massive rain yesterday, since we were on the upper area of the storm front that caused all of those tornadoes, and our temperatures dropped significantly.  While yesterday was all the way up to 73 degrees, today I woke up to a chilly 36 degree morning, and there's a chance of snow.  For a gardener, snow is a pretty scary concept, unless of course, you're doing some winter sowing.

Fortunately, radishes do much better in the event of chilling weather than most plants, so I'm hoping my icicle radishes will continue this heatlthy growth rather than become, well... icicles.

Yeah, I know...  bad pun.  Can you honestly see me resisting that temptation, though?