Beautiful Blooms Abound!

Beautiful blooms abound!!!

Since supporting my peas on their picture frame, they've continued to grow, and grow tall.  Indeed, two of the vines have reached up above the frame, and have begun to produce vibrant blooms.  Since I'd never planted peas before, I wasn't expecting the surprise that awaited me when I went out to check on them.

Who knew peas could produce such gorgeous flowers?  Well, all right... most people probably know that.  I, however, did not, so glimpsing this beautiful treasure brought a huge smile to my face.

I then went to the wild area of my yard so that I could check on my zucchini plants.  Again, blooms awaited me.

These made me particularly happy.  Not only are the blooms gigantic, but in this photo you can see that there are even more flower buds preparing to open.  These are the plants that I had started from seed in a strawberry container, then totally forgot about.  The fact that even after an emergency transplant into the ground they continue to grow healthy is a constant source of amazement for me!  So far they haven't succumbed to black walnut toxicity, so I'm hoping zucchini may be a black walnut tolerant plant.  Only time will tell!

The creeping charlie is encroaching on it, yet again.  Of course, that's something that I'll always have to deal with.  Creeping charlie grows quite fast.  It sure is a good thing that it smells so beautiful after rain falls, considering its fast growth rate!

My garden is very quickly taking on a vibrant and colorful quality.  These beautiful blooms are transforming my yard into a small paradise!