Breakfast on the Back Porch

This morning I did something that I haven't done since moving to Minnesota.

I fixed breakfast for myself and my daughter and took it all outside to the back porch.  We ate outside in beautiful, glorious weather, the sun shining on our faces, the breeze feathering our hair, and the melody of nature caressing our ears.

It was truly peaceful.

We took the tea tree oil and aloe mixture out with us, as I'm still testing it.  I don't like the idea of coming to a conclusion about something like mosquito repellent without spending a decent amount of time with it, so no update yet!

You may wonder why it took me so long to enjoy my breakfast outside, given that I spend so much time out there, anyway.  Early morning, after all, is so beautiful!

Well,  it's cold here.  Ok, maybe not as cold as I'm making it out to be... but when you consider that I was raised in the desert, you can understand where I'm coming from.  I'm used to warmth, so anything that requires even a long-sleeved shirt is too chilly for me to eat breakfast in.  I know... I'm a big baby.

But waiting to enjoy my breakfast on a perfect morning was well worth my time!

There's something about the quality of morning air that makes you truly feel alive.  Eating breakfast while viewing your back yard gives you a sense of peace and tranquility that you normally don't have.

It truly feels like you've managed to fall into a great work of fiction:  a mystery, a fantasy, or perhaps a romance.  Whatever genre you prefer, it's suddenly cradling your spirit, sharing its multitude of secrets with you, and only with you.

This is what I was able to gaze out at as I enjoyed my breakfast.  The grass is due for trimming, so the area looks decidedly rough.  I also need to mend the path that leads up the hill.  While I'm at it, it wouldn't hurt to pick a few weeds.

My inner storyteller told me to quit worrying about what needs to be done, though.  She saw mystery and adventure, swashbuckling foes, and magic.

What does your inner storyteller see?