Honey: The Great Allergy Treatment

Back in April I talked about the intense itching that I was going through.  I itched from head to toe, and nothing seemed to stop it.  Allergy meds helped somewhat, but that was only temporary.  Even with that, I was in agony.

WebMD did its job just fine, of course, by turning something relatively minor into a serious ailment with a simple click of the mouse.  After doing one of their symptom searches, I spent a full ten minutes panicking because it was obvious that I had scabies.

Until I realized that was impossible.

Scabies, after all, is highly contagious, so if I had scabies my daughter would be itching, as well.  Not to mention, scabies needs skin to skin contact.  Somehow, I found it unlikely that I'd acquire scabies through a handshake.

So I was at a loss as to what was turning me into a big pile of itchy goo.

Then I went back to my home in the desert southwest, and sure enough, the itching went away entirely.

Yep.  Allergies.

What am I allergic to?  I honestly have no idea, except that it's something that grows here, rather than on the other side of the country.  The fact is, though, that until I convince myself to go get an allergy test done, I won't know.  That being said, I'm relying on the bees.

Honey is a great allergy treatment.  What it does is build up a person's resistance to the pollen in the area that the bees collect from.  A little bit of honey every day can tame allergies, while at the same time providing that extra bit of yummy sweetness in a person's diet.

Unfortunately, while the honey in this picture comes from Minnesota, it's not local.  It's made about 2 1/2 hours away from my house, in the town of Hinckley.  It's worth a try, however, since I could very well be allergic to something that grows in both that area and this one. I'm from the other side of the country, after all, so it stands to reason that whatever I'm allergic to is something that does well in the northern climate, in general.

This honey will suffice until I can find something that's truly local.  Even if it doesn't work, I'll have fun trying! Honey sweetened popcorn (organic, of course), honey-rhubarb crisp, honey added to my tea...

The list of yumminess just goes on!


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  2. Honey can be used for lots of health problems. Even for allergy although is quite a paradox since honey contains traces of pollen.

  3. You're absolutely right, Tony! I believe that the reason honey works so well is *because* of those traces of pollen - sort of like the allergy shots that many people receive. Great observation!


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