I Have a Fairy Ring!!!

While walking through my yard, checking on my many plants, I discovered something that wasn't there yesterday.

I have a fairy ring!  Woohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

And it's not even in the wild area of the yard!

I'm sure there are plenty of you that are rolling your eyes.  There's a natural, scientific reason for this circular growth of mushrooms, you say.  It's the outer edge of a mostly underground fungus network (mycelium), sucking up nutrients as it continues to expand outward, you say.

Well, I reject your well-formed, reasonable, logical, scientifically legitimate explanation!

It's just not as fun as my own, you see...

I actually have a rather superstitious side to my personality, especially when it concerns fairies.  Upon seeing the fairy ring, my immediate physical response was a rapid heartbeat caused by a sharp burst of adrenaline.  I love fairies.  I jumped onto the tree stump beside this one, and got my camera out.  Excitement flowed through every vein in my body as I took the picture.

I considered running around the ring of mushrooms nine times, then jumping onto the stump at the center so that I could be privy to all of the fairy celebration that was occurring underground, but then I realized two different things:

1.  I'm easily distracted.  This means that I could easily miscount due to my excitement and void the protection that this would provide for me.

2.  It's not a full moon tonight.  Fairy parties can only be heard on a full moon.

Well, crap...

So I walked along the edge, not quite daring to place a foot inside.  Regardless of which legend you've heard, walking into a fairy ring without protection is a very, very bad idea.  Early death, enslavement at the hands of the fae, dancing until you fall from exhaustion (Ok, maybe that one's not so bad)...

You get the point.

For the most part, I'm a rational being.  My degree is in geology, after all, so I have to have some sort of scientific grounding.

I just kind of forget it all when it comes to seeing a fairy ring.

In my mind, that's perfectly ok.  We all have to have our imaginative oases, after all.  Without them, we would be terribly boring.

Now, excuse me while I go out to place some sweet bread and milk on that tree stump...