So About Those Radishes...

Remember my icicle radishes?  By yesterday, the leaves had grown huge.  Total height of the plants was about a foot and a half.  They were about to start blooming.

It was time for harvest.

I ran up the hill in complete excitement.  I was eager to pull those gargantuan beauties out of the soil.  Icicle radishes were screaming to be freed from their dirt prison, and I was their liberator.  I dreamed about how glorious they would be.  Enormous, thick, crispy radishes for my salads!

Unfortunately, the reality wasn't quite as beautiful as the dream...

Yeah... so...

The largest root there was exactly the width of the first knuckle on my ring finger.  Not exactly the huge and glorious harvest that I had imagined.

I came up with a few reasons as to why this would've been the case.

1.  It's been a strange growing season.  Even the radishes I saw at the farmers market were rather puny.  Not this puny, of course, but small enough to cause me to pass them by.

2.  While the radishes were in full sun when I first planted them, leaves grew thick on the branches of  surrounding trees, thereby turning my full sun into dappled shade.

3.  They didn't get enough water.  I really didn't go out with a watering can as much as I should have, considering the amount of dry days this spring.

4.  I'm cursed.  I know, I know... that's a little dramatic.  I do have to look at every possibility, though, right?

There are still a few radishes growing in my garden plot beneath the black walnut tree, so I'm going to do what I can and hope for the best.  I'll water them a bit more often, and see what happens.

Cross your fingers for me.  I'm going to need all the help I can get, after all!