Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Farmers Market, Eggs, and a Green Monster

Wait...  I got... how little from the farmers market?!

That's right!  It's time to discuss my weekly farmers market haul, again.

See, I made a huge mistake this week.  Remember the vegetable stand I was so happy about finding?  Well, I'm still happy about it, but I ran into a bit of a problem.

I used half of my farmers market money when I bought from that stand.


Now, I'm still happy about my find, and I'm still very glad that I made my purchases there, but I had to be a lot more careful about farmers market purchases than I normally am.

So what did I get?

This week I got:

1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies (only 4 in this photo... my daughter and I got hungry on the walk home)
1 gigantic bag of swiss chard
1 baggie of mix to make dill dip
1 summer squash
3 small onions (I don't use a lot of onion)
12 eggs

Not bad, huh?

My biggest treasure this week was the eggs.  

Now, I'm lucky here, because unlike in my old desert home, I can always get eggs at the farmers market, regardless of what time I get there.  Therefore, eggs aren't generally something to cheer about.

What's so great about these, then?

Well, aside from being cage free, which is a must, they're also almost organic.

You're probably wondering why in the world I choose to say almost.  The reason is that the chickens are currently being raised organically, but the person that is raising them got them only recently.  I have no clue how the original owner of the chickens chose to raise them.  Since I haven't been able to verify that part, I have to assume that there's a chance that they weren't raised organically before then.

Not a big deal, since they're now being raised in a manner that makes me cheer, but technically, you can't really call an egg organic without that knowledge.

Anyway, the exciting part has to do with the person that's raising the chickens.

It's the vendor's nephew.  A farm was shutting down, and the farmer asked if anybody wanted some chickens.  The vendor's nephew excitedly said he did, and so he brought them home and began raising them.

This excites me, because it allows me to support environmentally responsible, green farming practices from the very beginning.  By buying these eggs, I was, in effect, rewarding his endeavor, and letting him know that he's doing a wonderful thing.  Sure, he has no clue who I am, and no, he never felt the excited joy radiating from me.

But does that really matter?  

Of course not.  All that matters is that I'm showing him that he's doing something wonderful, and that it's appreciated.  I truly hope that he continues to love raising chickens.

I also saw something that caused my mouth to drop.

As I was leaving, having already spent every last bit of my farmers market money, I glanced to my right. I then stopped walking so abruptly that a person nearly collided with me.  

It was the biggest kohlrabi I had ever seen in my entire life!  It was monstrously huge.

 To give you some idea of how huge this thing is, I bought a very healthy kohlrabi at the roadside vegetable stand.  I could easily close my hand around the whole thing, with only about an inch and a half of open space between my thumb and fingers..  That's the general size of these plants.

I'd have no hope at all of doing that with this green bulb, that's for sure!  This thing weighed between 4 and 6 pounds, and was roughly the size of my head!


And before I forget, I should also mention that the vendor has a few more growing that will be even bigger!

I can't wait to see what I'll find on my next visit to Faribault's farmers market!  This trip was definitely a good one.

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