Friday, July 27, 2012

We've Gone to Seed!!!

Is it just me, or is it somewhat odd that some of my happiest moments are when a plant has wilted, gone to seed, or both?

Well, it's happened again!

Remember the cinder block garden that I planted a while back?

The cinder blocks were part of a retaining wall alongside the driveway.  I filled them with soil, watered them, and waited for that portion of my edible garden to erupt into beauty.

At long last, basil, dill, and some surprise thyme began popping up.

The cinder block garden continued to fill out, radiating a nice green glow.

The plants brought a bit of beauty to an area that was otherwise drab.  It was difficult, due to the problems that cement brought:  extra heat, increased water loss.  But in the end it was worth it.

This gardening project is now on the next part of its cycle.

Flowers are blooming on each stem of basil, preparing to generate seeds.

But more importantly....

I have some dill seeds awaiting harvest!

Woohooo!!!!!  Yay!!!  Yippee!!!!

What's that?  You don't understand the excitement over a bunch of old seeds?  Well, let me explain.

Aside from the fact that I can replant them next year, there's one other gloriously beautiful thing about dill seeds.


Still not impressed?  That's ok.  I probably wouldn't be, either.

Normally, anyway...

But remember the hairy, spiky, scary-looking baby cucumber I talked recently?  Well, it's grown.  A lot!

It's not ready, yet, as you can tell by the spikes that can still be seen toward the bottom.  It's maturing fast, though, and it's already 4 inches long.  At its thickest point it's about 1 1/2 inches wide.  Wow!  This little guy is going to be a monster!

As you can guess, I'll be making some pickles out of this guy, using the dill seeds from my cinder block garden planter.

My pickles won't just be home made... they'll be garden fresh!!!

How fun is that?!


We've gone to seed, and I've never been happier!

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