Accidentally Green Print Option

I'm so proud of myself!

I accidentally did something green with my blog... without intending to!

Ok, so maybe this doesn't rank very highly on the list of things to be proud of myself for.  I mean, it was accidental, after all.  Hardly reason to pat myself on the back, to be sure!

So what did I do?

I added a print button to my blog.

And what's so green about that, exactly, Miss Smarty-pants?

I know... big deal, right?  Well, it sort of is.

While visiting another site I ran into something I'd like to print out.  The problem, however, was that I really didn't want to print all of the ads, borders, and other extras.  It wastes ink, and does absolutely nothing of benefit.

All I wanted was the information and the website address.  We don't always get what we want, though, so I highlighted the important information and copy/pasted to Word.

Unfortunately, the website was decidedly print unfriendly.  Not only did I get all of the ads and borders...

...but that's all I got.  I didn't get any of the info I wanted.

I was decidedly unimpressed.

That got me thinking about my blog.  Had anyone run into that same problem with mine?

I honestly didn't know.  What I did know, however, was that I didn't want that to be the case.  I needed an easy print option.

You'll now notice that I have a pretty, green Printfriendly button at the bottom of each post.  This makes for easy printing without having to worry about wasting ink on borders and ads.  All you get is the necessary information and the website address.


It gets better, though.  Finding Printfriendly gave me a print friendly option when I visit other sites, as well.  Entering a URL on their homepage allows you to print any page  in the same manner.

How awesome is that?!

I'm saving money and being environmentally responsible at the same time.  Not only that, but accidentally making my blog a bit more green has helped readers who don't want to waste ink on something of no value to them.

This really makes me feel good about my choice!