Farmers Market Happiness - The Hula Way!

"Mommy, look!  There's feet under there!"  

My daughter giggled and pointed to our right.  We had just entered Central Park to gather this week's supplies from the farmers market.

Sure enough, I saw some bare feet poking out from beneath a tarp that was being put together.

Searching through my mental filing cabinet, I remembered that day was the Faribault International Festival.  My daughter and I arrived at the park about 20 minutes before starting time, so all we could see so far was people setting up.

That was ok, though, because we had some shopping to do.  Again, funds were low, so I had to do a lot of comparative shopping within the farmers market.  This time, I walked in with $18.  I really hoped I could get everything I needed!

So what kind of treasures did I gain this week?

1 pound of tomatoes
1 loaf of poppy seed bread - that stuff is amazing!!!
1 yellow patty pan squash
1 broccoli
1 gigantic bunch of carrots
1 black plum kolache (eaten long before we got home)
2 cucumbers
6 red potatoes (5 of them were huge)
12 eggs
A ton of strawberries!

The amazing find today was the strawberries, of course!  What you're looking at isn't the full amount... it's just what I had left by the time we walked home.  My daughter ate at least 4 in that time, and maybe more.  Very sweet fruits, which had me dancing for joy.  I'm used to having to dip strawberries in vanilla yogurt to make them sweet enough for my palate!  I spent two dollars on this huge amount of goodness, which is way less than average!

The yellow patty pan squash was something new to me.  It's a little smaller than the standard size patty pan, which was actually great since I've never eaten a patty pan squash in my life!!!  That being said, any recipe suggestions would be welcomed.  I have no idea what to do with it!

Once I was loaded up with yumminess, it was time to leave the farmers market.

I walked past the last vending table and stood stock still.  I was mesmerized by an overwhelmingly awesome sight.

See the bare feet?  She's the one we saw setting
up when we got to the farmers market!

No, she's not just holding the two hula hoops that you see held out in front of her.  She's twirling them.

Around her wrists and hands.

Ok, but that's not all.  She twirled these hula hoops all along her body.  Hands, wrists, arms, chest, waist, legs... you get the picture.  If it was possible to use a part of her body to get those hula hoops moving, she did it.

And she did it with style.

This wasn't the type of hula hooping that you see kids do in the yard.  This was a dance.  This was gymnastics.  Well, heck... it was both, and it was riveting!  I literally couldn't turn my eyes away from her!

She even jumped while twirling her hoops!  Wow!!!

Now, she didn't just perform with her hula hoops.  All of those hoops on her left were ready for excited festival goers to use.  Some people, like me, just watched her, enthralled by how beautiful and amazing her talent was.  Others ran up to join her.

Naturally, most of the people that had that kind of courage were under the age of twelve!  Somehow, you just have more confidence when you're that young - "What she's doing looks fun!  Woo!!!  My turn!"

As you can imagine, we didn't leave the park for quite a while, choosing instead to take part in all of the action around us!