Garden Grain and One Tiny Cookie

Artisan breads!  Cereals!
Cupcakes!  Cookies!
Dinner rolls!

I twirled around my backyard, no doubt causing the neighbors to fearfully peek out their windows in an attempt to figure out what 'that crazy lady next door' was doing.

Happy I was, because yet again, I made an interesting discovery:

I know what the grassy stuff in my bird seed garden is!!!

W  o  o  h  o  o  !  !  !

It's wheat!  That's right... soon I'll be staring out at 'amber waves of grain'!

Well, ok, an amber wave of grain...

Alright, already!

A couple of stems with a few grain heads poking out of them.

But that's still pretty cool in some small-scale, crazed pseudo-scientist way, right?

In reality, there won't be enough grain to produce much of anything... except maybe one cookie.

That's a bit of an exaggeration, isn't it?

Ok, in reality...

But, hey!

                      's still a cookie!