Miniature Dragon Tracks Spotted!

I have a miniature dragon living in the backyard!!!

I have it all figured out, you see. 

Some poor, unfortunate bird landed in the wet sand.  It moved forward and dipped its beak into the cool, moist soil, retrieving a fat earthworm.

Then, the dragon leapt out of its hiding place deep within the soil.

Like in the movie Tremors.


The bird never had a chance.

Feathers and bird tracks were all that remained of it, as the miniature dragon crawled away, dragging its full belly across the dirt.


No, really.  I have proof.


2 sets of animal tracks in green sandbox


You doubt me?!

The evidence is right there.  In the green sandbox.

The bird tracks are very obviously in the center, and the dragon tracks go along the edge of the area, three indentations, then a wide space, then another three indentations, etc.  A perfect repeating pattern.

It's a miniature dragon, obviously.


What?  You think it's something else?

You reject my perfectly rational, soundly logical, scientific observation? 

Yeah, me too.

The thing is, I have no idea how to figure out what that trail is.  The central prints are very obviously bird tracks of some sort, but what is that other trail?

Any ideas?

This is a really good excuse to head off to River Bend Nature Center again, I think.  No doubt, one of the naturalists will take one glance at my photo and instantly know the correct answer.

Until then, though, it's the trail of a miniature dragon.  Unless, of course, you have other ideas?