National Honey Bee Day is August 18th, 2012!

Tomorrow is National Honey Bee day!

The first National Honey Bee Day was on August 22, 2009, so it's relatively new.  I'm rather amazed at that. I mean, really...  What took so long for this to be created?

Oh, yeah... a large majority of people fear them.

There's really nothing to fear from bees, though, as long as you take the time to understand them.  Well, unless you're allergic to them.  I imagine that may be reason for fear.

Or is it?  

Again, knowledge is the path to security.

This year's theme is:

"Sustainable Agriculture Starts With Honey Bees!"

Can't argue with that.

Indeed, part of my reason for allowing so much to grow wild in my garden is to bring honey bees and other pollinators into the area.  Being environmentally responsible means allowing the earth to prosper.  Picking every last weed hinders that process.

My biggest harvest so far has come from the cucumbers that I planted in the wild area of my backyard.  They haven't produced any more flowers than any other plant, but they do get pollinated more frequently, due to the buzz of activity that happens there.

Have a great National Honey Bee Day tomorrow, August 18th, and take a bit of time to learn a bit more about our life promoting friends and the beekeepers that help us enjoy the fruits of their labor.

A few resources that I recommend are:

Vanishing of the Bees:
This documentary studies Colony Collapse Disorder, a growing problem worldwide.

American Beekeeping Federation:
This organization is a treasure trove of facts about everything honey bee related.

And, of course...

The National Honey Bee Day home page!

Obviously, there's a lot more amazing resources than this, but these will give you a great start!

And now I'll leave you with what is quite possibly may favorite photo I've ever taken.  Why?  Because of the experience surrounding it!

Bee swarm at rest

I was four feet away from this swarm, and not one bee stung me.  Why?

I was armed with respect and knowledge.

Now go arm yourself, as well, and enjoy the day tomorrow!


  1. I stumbled upon your site doing some work for the National Honey Bee Day program. Thank you for your comments. Perhaps you can add a link to the National Honey Bee Day website. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. Mike T.

    1. It's great to hear from you, Mike. Thanks for the info. I linked to the .com address, not knowing you had a .org, as well. I'll be sure to add in the .org address. The more attention the honey bees get on their big day, the happier I am!


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