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Why Has this Blog Been So Quiet?

So why have I been so quiet, lately?  Don't worry... nothing horrible has happened. That is... Unless you consider taking time off to publish a short story just in time for Christmas to be horrible! Doing the happy dance! That's right.  I took a break from writing the blog, but not from writing as a whole.  Santa's Letter is currently on sale at Amazon's kindle store , as well as from Smashwords . Don't worry this still kind of relates to this blog.   In a strange, reaching for straws kind of way...  I mean, sure, it's fiction... and sure, it seems like a far cry from Eco-friendly living... but in my defense, Santeclaus is a caretaker on a wildlife preserve... it's just a magical wildlife preserve. And he's fighting to save creatures from extinction. That's green.  Right? Right?! Ok, yeah... this is a shameless plug. I admit it. But is it working?