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How to Save the Environment With Ease at Every Meal

  "Hey, can I have a napkin?" My friend yelled at me from the kitchen. "Yeah, just grab one. They're on the counter." I responded from the other side of the house. I was dealing with my screaming toddler, and if left to her own devices it was unlikely her high-pitched voice would soften any time soon . "No, they're not. There's nothing here!" The increasingly frantic voice called out again. "Alright, hold on..." I grumbled, picked up my daughter, then walked into the kitchen. There was iced tea dripping from the counter and onto the tile floor. I grabbed a napkin from the table and held it out to my friend. "Wait, that ?!" She squeaked in confusion. "Yes?" I replied, checking to see if my green cloth napkin was soiled , or if a spider was crawling on it. "But that's... fancy . I can't use that!" This incident occurred roughly nine years ago. Similar exchanges still happen f