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38 Years Later: Full Solar Eclipse 2017

The last full solar eclipse visible from the United States was 38 years ago. 38 years!!! Most of us don't remember anything, and many of us weren't even born. This latest eclipse, then, was a major event. The path of totality was rather thin, and there were many rumors that traffic to reach the path would be terrible. Here are some of the statements I heard: "Oh, a five-hour drive? Ha! Make that fifteen. The traffic is going to be insane!" "I don't envy you that road congestion." "Oh, you should've left Tuesday if you're going. There's already a 30-mile slowdown." "Eh. I'll just stay right here and see the partial eclipse. Who needs to go through all that trouble?" This small path ran along the US as shown below in this photo from : I can definitely see why so many people were dissuaded from trying to find a point along the path. That's a tiny band, and the sweet spot was located alo

Green Boots Changeover: On Schedule!

I wanted to give everyone one huge, wonderful, and happy-making update on the progress of switching over Even Green Boots Leave Trails to its new, revived form.  Everything is on Schedule!!! You've probably noticed the name switch: Two Green Boots. While the name Even Green Boots Leave Trails definitely fits this blog, it's a wee bit long (ok... really long), and therefore hard to remember. Furthermore, trying to type that name into an address bar can be a great exercise in patience. Two Green Boots, however, flows much more easily, and is less likely to inflict an extreme case of Typo Terror. Sooo... The name has been changed, a new logo has been created (Two green boot... prints!), DIY and article ideas are being researched, broken links are being mended, I'm in the process of making this theme responsive on mobile devices, and everything is on schedule... ...even though I'm in the process of moving into a new home, again! Like I said previously

Blowing Dust From the Green Boots

It's been a while. A  r  e  a  l  l  y long while since I last posted to the Green Boots. That needs to change. Now, more than ever before, we need to stand together to protect our environment. Let's get those green boots back out and blow the dust away, shall we? Tonight I begin the long process of bringing the blog back to life, and with your help, it'll come back even stronger than before. That "your help" part is actually incredibly simple. All you  need to do is show up and read. Easy-peasy, right? I'm sure, however, that you have one big, burning question on your mind: Why the long break??? Actually, while I never gave up on the quest to go green through research and various projects, I stopped writing about it due to the upheaval involved in moving to new locations a few times. Four  times, to be specific. Two different places in Minnesota, and two in Washington. And I'm actually moving again  later this month. Craziness, right