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Easter is Coming! Make Some Cascarones!!! (Don't worry... I'll tell you how)

Easter is coming!!! Egg Hunting! Grass! Flowers! Okay, I'll be honest, I'm still staring at hills upon hills of snow, since the shores of Lake Superior are still covered with it. But! There are little tufts of grass poking out around the house, where the snow didn't pile as deep. And I can even see little daffodil sprouts! Well, okay. That's a bit of truth-stretching. I did see daffodil sprouts, but the area is currently getting even        more               snow. So they're covered again. But while I may be going a little stir crazy, waiting to be able to get out and do some gardening, I'm happy. Because Easter is coming!!! I have a special, little warm spot in my heart for that adorable Easter Bunny, as well as the joy of Easter eggs, and so I wanted to direct you to an old post of mine. Or rather... three posts.  Make your own cascarones! Cascarones are confetti filled eggs that children smash onto e