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DIY Potato Grow Bag

The potato grow bag project  that I talked about in my last post is complete!  It's really an easy thing to accomplish, and I'm excited to see how everything turns out.  This post will be a bit more picture heavy than usual, so please be patient if loading times end up taking longer.  I really want to be sure nothing is left out! I began by cutting my seed potato into three sections.  You don't actually need to do this.  A whole potato will grow just as well, but if you cut a seed potato into sections, each section will grow into its own plant.  When cutting a seed potato, be sure that each piece has at least one eye, and preferably two or three. I ran into some difficulty deciding what to do next.  Some people tell you to leave the pieces out to dry for 24 hours before planting, while others go straight to planting them.  I elected to wait the 24 hours, just to see what would happen. The following day I gathered my supplies. We're looking at a big bag of tops

Ants In My Potato Grow Bag!

"Argh!!!  No!!!!!!!!  What the heck?!" "What's wrong?" "I'll call you later!" Click. It's a good thing most of my phone calls don't end this way, right? I thought my potato grow bag was doing well.  I really did. And, well... for the most part it was.  Except that I ran into a wee little problem that I was not expecting. Ants. A lot of ants. Leaning in closely, I was able to see that they were tearing off an entire branch of one of my potato plants.  I followed the trails that were made, leading away from this point, hoping that I could discover where the ants were coming from, yet I kept losing them. Poof!  Just like that, I'd lose the trail. Whenever I have a problem with my garden, I always try to find out why the problem occurred. Therefore, I ran to my computer to see what could be discovered about voracious ants that are driven to lay waste to potato plants, with the specific intent of causing me mental

Tea Tree Oil for Tooth Pain

Yep, you read that correctly!  I've made another tea tree oil discovery. Hooray for this medicine cabinet in a bottle!!! In this case, there is one simple, very important ground rule: That's right.  Don't drink it.  If you have problems with accidentally swallowing your mouthwash, this natural remedy is not for you. That being said...  let's talk about just how awesome tea tree oil is if you're suffering from tooth pain. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties.   Generally speaking, the reason a person has tooth pain is because bacteria has invaded a cavity or sore in the general area.  Remove the bacteria and you remove the pain. A while back, I made a very unfortunate trip to the dentist.  This was a new dentist that I knew nothing about.  I swiftly learned, however, that she was very good at both taking care of the problems I had, and creating new ones.   This, of course, didn't instill a great deal of confidence in me. I've been pl