Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Green Boots Changeover: On Schedule!

I wanted to give everyone one huge, wonderful, and happy-making update on the progress of switching over Even Green Boots Leave Trails to its new, revived form. 

Everything is on Schedule!!!

You've probably noticed the name switch: Two Green Boots. While the name Even Green Boots Leave Trails definitely fits this blog, it's a wee bit long (ok... really long), and therefore hard to remember. Furthermore, trying to type that name into an address bar can be a great exercise in patience. Two Green Boots, however, flows much more easily, and is less likely to inflict an extreme case of Typo Terror.


The name has been changed, a new logo has been created (Two green boot... prints!), DIY and article ideas are being researched, broken links are being mended, I'm in the process of making this theme responsive on mobile devices, and everything is on schedule...

...even though I'm in the process of moving into a new home, again!

Like I said previously, I've really missed you guys. I look forward to once again seeing your comments and reading your emails. You mean quite a bit to me, and some of you even helped inspire blog posts that I never would have written otherwise. 

You rock!

So now it's your turn, since this blog was created with you in mind. Send me an email, or reply in the comments below to give your opinion on what should be done. 
  • What environmental issues are most important to you, right now? 
  • What items do you want to re-purpose? 
  • What home remedies are you interested in, but unsure of? 
  • What visual properties of this website need a design change?

What changes do you want to see happen with Two Green Boots?

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