Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let Nature Give You Comfort During High Stress

As the presidential election looms over our country, people seem to be more and more stressed out.

I don't like stress.

So today, I'm writing absolutely nothing to increase anyone's stress levels.  There will be no "issues".  There will be no debate.

There will only be peace.

How in the heck am I going to accomplish that, you ask?


Today I'll simply be pulling up photos from posts in the past.  Photos that inspire good feelings, rather than thoughts that increase stress levels.

Nature is full of beauty, and can decrease feelings of anger, fear, and discomfort... as long as we allow it to.

So take a moment to just relax and see the joy that nature offers.
a mushroom ring around a tree stump
A mushroom ring around a tree stump.
bright red vines climbing a yellow leaved tree
The contrasting colors of Fall.
cement path vanishing into a dense leaf cover
This one will probably always be my favorite.  
The farther you go down that path, the more beauty surrounds you.
balancing a bright red raspberry in hand, while still attached to the bush
A surprise harvest of fruit.
See?  There's less stress, already.  

Now go meet the day, remembering that no matter what else happens, nature will always be there to comfort us.

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