Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The First Snow: A Fun Tradition


thin layer of snow in the front garden, sidewalk, and grass lawn.

Yesterday morning we woke up to the first snow of the season.

My mother started a wonderful tradition with me when I was a little girl.  When she was a little girl, that tradition was probably in place, as well.

What tradition am I referring to?

Well, the very first morning of the season that I wake up to snow, I throw on boots and a winter coat and run outside - while still wearing pajamas.  No shower, no socially acceptable clothing, no breakfast.  There's no time for any of that, of course!  I have to be sure that I get out before the snow stops!

winter coat and green boots over a blue footie with a pink star design.

As a mom, the first snow I wake up to has been even more exciting for the past four years, because I have a daughter that's just as excited as me, and I can share in this with her.

"Hurry!  Hurry!  Hurry!"  I squeal, holding a coat up to my daughter, who of course, is still in bed, and in her pajamas, rubbing her eyes.

"Huh?"  is her quiet, sleepy response.

"It's snowing!  Hurry!  Let's get outside before it stops!!!"

Suddenly awake, she looks out the window, then jumps out of the covers and into her coat, squealing with a  glee that matches my own.

"Snow!!!  Hurry, mommy!  Faster!"

We race downstairs, only pausing a moment to put on our boots before heading out the door.


The snowflakes were huge, but there weren't very many of them, so there was only a slight bit on the ground.  Not only that, but it was a dry snow, which means that snowball creation was pretty much impossible.

I explained to my daughter, who was trying very hard to make snowballs happen, that the snow was wrong for it - it wouldn't stick together.  She elected, therefore, to look for the proper snow in a different area of the yard.  It might be different somewhere else, after all!

My daughter in a coat over her pink pajamas, boots, gloves, and a hat.  Searching for better snow.

Indeed, the snow was so dry, and there was so little of it, that my attempt to create trails out of my footprints was stopped cold once I got to the grass.

One footprint on the porch with no footprints continuing over the snow.

Oh, well.

This, of course, simply means that we'll be looking forward to the next snowfall with the same amount of excitement as this one!


We were only outside for about 15 minutes, but that means we had 15 minutes of purely green fun!  Not only that, but after breakfast we went back out again... for longer!

Going outside to explore the frigid winter environment is a great way to not only be more eco-friendly, but also to take a little time to have fun by relying on ourselves, rather than the technology we've become so comfortable with.

This is my tradition, but there are so many more out there.  Do you have a tradition that revolves around the first snow?

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