Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Anniversary to US!!!

Guess what?

Today is the 1st anniversary of Even Green Boots Leave Trails!!!

::cue fireworks, noise-makers, and confetti::

This is every bit as much your anniversary, as it is mine.  After all, without you the Green Boots wouldn't exist!

::cue cheers and champagne::

To those of you that have been here since the beginning, thank you so much for your support.  You're the backbone of this blog, pure and simple.

And thanks to those of you that are new to the Green Boots, as well as those that may be visiting for the first time!  Your presence keeps me going.

Even Green Boots Leave Trails has helped me learn a great deal that I may not have, otherwise.  Hopefully, it has done the same for you.  The discovery of what works and what doesn't, as well as what's fact and what's not, is something that I love to focus on... full force.

New knowledge is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life, and if I can use that knowledge to make the environment a little better, while helping you learn how to do the same...

Heck yeah!

We rock!!!

And on that note, I think we all deserve a little cake before I start getting too mushy, don't you?

In celebration of this day, I've elected to go back to the beginning.  

Remember last year's winter sowing project?  I've attempted it, again.  This time there's a lot more snow to work with, so hopefully things will go much more smoothly.  

Of course, it should've been started in January, but...

Oh, well.  Wish me luck!  I'll post about the new project on Monday.


  1. Well, happy anniversary. I found your blog through a search for winter sowing, and I really like it.

  2. Thank you so much, Carole! I'm glad you stopped by!

    And thank you for mentioning *why* you found Green Boots, as well, because you ensured that an error was quickly fixed. If not for you, I may not have discovered that I totally and completely forgot to link to this year's winter sowing project in this post. Eeeeeek!!!