Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Lesson on Life from the Plants: Reach!

It warmed up.

Then it snowed.

Again, it warmed up, and again... it snowed.

Now it's warm again.  

Truly, it's enough to make anyone's head spin.  That's what happened to mine.  Well, ok... my head spins when just about anything halfway interesting happens,

Speech bubbles surrounding a cloud: "This cloud kinda looks like a sheep... sitting up on its butt... reaching into the sky.  Wow!" "Yeah, kind of... I guess..." "I'm totally blogging about this.  Awesome!!!" Thought bubble: "Oh, dear..."

But this time was different.  We had gone through several large differences in weather at a time when things should just be warming up.  I therefore took advantage of the warming period yesterday, and took a walk.

The cold weather can be horribly frustrating, but if you allow yourself a brief walk you notice that even immediately after a major snowfall, nature strives to get back into balance. 

At least, that's what the hostas planted last spring told me as they thrust from the soil, awakening from their dormancy. The tiny plants barely poked through the topsoil, green and strong.

tiny hosta sprouts poking through the soil
I know... they're tiny.  Don't worry, though!  They'll grow!
The tiger lilies were reaching toward the sun with even more desire,

Lily leaves bursting through the soil in a perfect line.


...the bushes beside the drugstore decided to skip that whole leaf growing part, and just push out a bunch of glorious blossoms!

A bush filled with white blossoms... and no leaves
Anyone know what these are? They're gorgeous!
The way I see it, if these tiny plants can reach toward the sun and produce such magnificence so soon after a major load of snow plopped down onto them, I can do the same.

We all can.

We just have to take a moment to disconnect from our day-to-day struggles and just relax and take it all in.  Reach out to what makes us strong -

just like these plants.

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