Sunday, May 19, 2013

Earl: A Sexy, Solar Powered Android Device

I'm in love with yet another piece of technology.
Oh, la la!!!

It was designed for the type of person that gets dirty, climbs mountains, swims through rough currents, and wrestles antelopes in muddy swamps infested with man-eating alligators that are over 30 feet long!

Well, ok.  Maybe that's not quite what it was designed for... but it's still pretty cool!


::commence swooning::

Earl is tough and rugged.  Earl enjoys spending large amounts of time in the sun.  Earl is gorgeous.

No, I'm not talking about the person this device was designed for, nor am I talking about a mountain man from a Harlequin novel.  I'm talking about an Android device.

THE android device for back-country outdoorsy geeks like me.  And like you, too, perhaps.  So let me tell you about this sexy device that everybody should be swooning over.

Earl is a renaissance man.  

It's a fantistic combination of GPS, weather alert system, and two-way radio.  It also has an e-ink screen, which means it's easy to read in the glaring sun.  AND... it uses the Android 4.1 OS.

Earl can hold his breath for over thirty minutes.

In a manner of speaking, anyway...  Earl is mud, shock, and water proof up to three feet.  Slogging through a river to get to the other side?  No problem.  all out of your kayak?  No big deal.  Earl understands, and he'll be right there beside you.

And did I mention that Earl is perfectly happy to carry your favorite books for you?

This device supports pdf, mobi and epub files, which are pretty much the only file types that matter when it comes to reading.  In my opinion, at least.  Seriously... have you ever tried reading a book that's been saved to a txt file?  Ugh...

Other features?

  • It's solar powered.  Yep.  Place that sexy tablet in the sun for 5 hours and you have a fully charged tablet.  Score!
  • It comes pre-loaded with topo maps.  Meow!
  • Earl can even measure your heart rate.  Oh, be still my heart!
Still swooning over here...

 So why don't I already have one?

Well, sadly, it's still in the crowdfunding stage... so nobody has one, yet.  You can, however, order one for $249 until June 9th.   

Unfortunately, it's reliable from 0-50 degrees celsius, which would be great if I still lived in the desert Southwest, but isn't so great for doing crazy stuff in the snow up in Minnesota.


That's ok, though... I'll still dream of holding this sexy solar powered device in my hands. 


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