Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Day to Relax

I'm running behind schedule today.  

It happens.  Normally, it happens because I need to relax for some reason or another, and today is no exception.  I've been extraordinarily busy.  Like, oh-my-gosh-I-need-a-nap busy.

It's actually a pretty good feeling.  Crazy, I know.  Who wants to be exhausted, right?

Me, evidently.  

It feels good.  I enjoy working hard enough to feel it in my muscles for more than a few minutes.  It's a sort of stress relief. Every time I ache like that, it feels as though I've just accomplished a major victory.

I have no idea what kind of victory, of course, but a victory nonetheless.

It also means, however, that I need to take a moment to rest - something I'm not particularly good at.  So I'll be resting today... but I refuse to leave you with nothing just so that I can take a break. 

If I'm going to take a break, I need to give you something relaxing, as well, right?

And so I'd like to leave you with a view of Cannon Lake.  There's fishing on one side of the beach that I visited, and swimming on the other.  There are some large rocks and a tuft of trees that separate the two areas.

This is the beach where swimming is allowed.  Water is a natural calming device.  You can dip into it, gaze at it, taste it, and even smell it.  Simply gazing at water is enough to relax me. 

How about you?

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