Friday, June 7, 2013

Settling Into A New Home

Well, I'm in my new home. 

I'm now in a small, rural town of under 1000 people, and I live on half of the upstairs portion of a four-plex.  I have to admit that I was a little leery of this, since I have two dogs (a small one that barks and a huge one that has heavy footsteps when excited.), but I'm actually pretty happy so far.


1. I have a great view out my office window.

landscape of thick trees and grass.

2.  The place is almost 2/3 smaller than the other house. 

This is great because it's easier for me to manage.  Too big is... well... too big.  You know?

Yeah, I know.  That explains so very little.  It's a truth, though.  Things escape you in a big house, and too much room means too much opportunity for things to go wrong.

And the dogs agree.  Even though this four-plex is on a main thoroughfare of this tiny town, their stress levels have decreased.  They know where I am at all times, which makes them feel secure. 

3.  We live three minutes (walking) away from a gigantic park.  

With a river. 

And a dam.

And two playground areas.

And water birds!!!

Heron on the edge of a quiet river.
That's a heron, in case you didn't know... I sure didn't!

I mean, how cool is that?!

I even watched a fish jump up, out of the river at one point.  I squealed and got wildly excited, which naturally amused a local that was standing near me. 

I explained that I'm originally from the desert, where these things don't happen, and he nodded in understanding, then let me know that you see that happen quite a bit around here.


So I think I'll be experiencing quite a few new things here, and I'm looking forward to it.  I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to be pretty interesting for me!

Who knew that moving a distance of only 8 miles could make such a big difference?

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