Monday, March 4, 2013

Evil, Tenacious Roots, I Adore You!

I really thought I was joking.

Remember when I said I feared my wheatgrass would grow to heights similar to Jack and the Beanstalk proportions?  Yeah.  I totally thought I was joking.

Only I wasn't.

The roots of these plants appear to be just as tenacious as I mentioned previously.

Only two days after I wrote my last wheatgrass post, I took the seed starting pellets out of the egg carton.  Or, then again, maybe I should say that I tore them out, because they clung to the carton with all of their strength.

Those fuzzy white roots have superman strength.  Really.  I mean, look a little more closely at them - you see that section that doesn't look like the rest?

That's not root.  That's carton.  The roots dug into the egg carton and held on with a death grip.  The poor thing never had a chance...

Once I finally extracted the roots of all four pellets from the egg carton, I ripped the netting apart and placed them inside the shallow clay pot I had picked up when I bought the seeds.  Once the grass was all firmly in place, I added more seeds.

I mean, there's no point to growing wheatgrass if there isn't enough to actually do anything with, right?

Honestly, I could have added more.  The thing about wheatgrass that's so nice is that it has no problem with overcrowding... you know, because it's grass.

That being said, I really shouldn't be as excited about it as I am.  It's just grass.

But I am.  I really am.  I'm totally excited about watching the grass grow.

And I actually just said that.  Wow.

It's just so tenacious!  The only thing that would be better is to have a see-through pot so I could watch those evil roots in action.

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