Thursday, March 21, 2013

Frozen Lake Superior: Deceptively Tranquil

Nothing spectacular, today.

That is, I'll say nothing spectacular.  What I'll show you, on the other hand, is pretty awesome.

Lake Superior: Frozen.

Yep... today is an inspiration day.  Lake Superior, of course, is a great treasure trove of inspiration.  If you spend any decent amount of time on or near its waters, you develop a healthy respect for its mysteries.  A deceptively calm surface, after all, may be hiding a large amount of turbulence below.

When the winds are low, the frozen lake actually appears quite tranquil.  There's only the slightest amount of sound as ice cracks and breaks during the movement of the waves beneath.

And that brings us to my first ever YouTube video.

::cue cheering and celebratory sounds::

It's a bit shaky, but adding stability would have blurred some of the ice quality, and I wasn't willing to sacrifice that.

What you're about to see is Lake Superior, entirely iced over.  

If you watch closely, you'll see white lines moving toward the camera at a slow pace.  Those are the crests of waves beneath the ice's surface.

We call the tiny island you see at the far side of the video Sea Gull Island.  The sea gulls flock over and perch there all year long.  It gets quite noisy, as you can imagine!

And did you notice the blue tinge of the ice?


The shore of Lake Superior is one of my favorite places to be, regardless of the time of year.  What's yours?

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