Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Precious Gardening Treasure

It came to my attention yesterday that I was keeping some vital information from you.

It wasn't that I was lying to you.  I wasn't even hiding anything from you.  Rather, I was keeping a gem of the web all to myself.


I mentioned this treasure to you - bit by bit, piece by piece - yet I never really took the time to put this gem into focus for you.  To really put it in the spotlight.  I kept it to myself, guarding this secret.


Indeed, this is a blog that I frequent all the time, visiting it at least three times a week... and sometimes more.  Just about anything I need can be found there.

And so my lack of a blog post about it is rather self-centered.  I should be mentioning it to everyone, and yet I keep this treasure to myself.  The page that has saved me from huge mistakes.  The page that has picked me up and guided me through the mistakes I've already made.  My favorite.  My joy...

My Precious...

I suppose this means I need to stop talking about how I'm not talking about it, and actually tell you what it is, right?

Fine.  I just want you to know how painful it is for me to give up such information.  How much it hurts to tell you what the blog name is.  How difficult -

Ok, fine!  I'll tell you!


Cute dr. seuss-looking bug surrounded by the words "Distracting photo of a really cute bug".

That didn't work either?

Well, drat.  

Ok.  It's Gardening Jones.

Gardening Jones is probably one of the best gardening blogs I've ever run across, if not the best.  No exaggeration.  Whenever I run into a problem I can find the answer on GJ's blog.  If I can't find the answer, for some unknown reason, the answer always seems to be posted within a week.


And I don't even have to beg for the info.  It just magically appears... like some cute little fairy is racing over to give GJ the inspiration to answer my question with a poof of her magic wand.

Stick figure fairy with wand held in air
It's pretty awesome.

Gardening Jones taught me how to tell the difference between male and female squash blossoms.

Blooming squash with fallen leaves surrounding it.
This one is male.
And remember the cucumbers I was so proud of?

small, fat cucumber

Jones taught me how to save the seeds!!!

So go visit that awesome blog and see what you can find out about your own garden.  You really don't want to miss out on it.

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