Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snow in April?! Oh, Minnesota...

I heard about it in the middle of last week.  

I was outside talking to my neighbor, when he mentioned we'd be getting snow this week.  I thought about how my daughter and I had spent that afternoon in the park...

in sweatshirts...

Happy on a swing set, no snow in evidence.

...and reacted in much the same manner that I did the last time I heard that it would snow.

Drawing of a woman giggling, bright sun overhead.

That being said, most of you have probably heard about the crazy winter storm that's blowing through Minnesota as we speak, complete with the National Guard being called into southern Minnesota.

I'm really lucky I live in an area that hasn't seen that extreme weather... so far.

I woke up to a large blanket of snow on the ground.

Two inch thick layer of snow on ground.

And snow lining all the tree branches.

Trees and fence covered in snow.

And snow is still falling, at various levels of intensity.

I should also mention that the evening before this, we got what is referred to as 'thundersnow'.  That's where you get thunder, lightning and snow at the same time... although, in our case it was more like slush than snow... and the thunder was a long, rolling thunder.  Anyway, it's kind of rare.

And did I mention it's April?!

Seriously, I even checked the calendar to be sure of it.  

 Maybe this time I'll learn my lesson:

Never laugh when someone says we're about to have a snow storm.  Ever.  I should have learned that the last time I had this reaction.  Perhaps I just needed a firm reminder.

The last frost date for south central Minnesota is supposed to be May 9, this year.  

Somehow, I think that may end up being inaccurate.  It sure is a good thing I've decided to do only container gardening this year, in preparation for our move from this house, right?

Wacky weather is occurring in abundance, this year. Not only do we have a thick April snowfall, this year, but we've had abnormally icy conditions as well.

What unusual weather have you experienced, this year?  How are you dealing with it? 

If you haven't had any unusual weather yet, I'd be perfectly willing to give you mine!!!


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