Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Urban Garden Research, Hope, and a Swoon

The more I think about how I'll be moving soon, and probably into a home that has a much smaller yard, if any yard at all, I start to panic.

There's some good news, though.  

Even if I move to an apartment, I'll be alright.  You can garden in windows, as we saw in yesterday's post. You can also garden on a balcony.  Sure, you may not be able to get the yields you want, but you'll get something. 

Basically, you have to research which plants work well in shade conditions.

That research took me to Mike Lieberman, the Urban Organic Gardener.

Ok, he's obviously not the only urban organic gardener.  I mean, there are a few more out there.  A lot actually.  But Mike is special.

He can knock a girl off of her feet with his sweet words of wisdom.  My heart skips a beat just thinking about some of those intoxicating things he's said.  Things that have actually helped, such as,
 "Since most of you are living in areas where you are restricted by shade, here is a list of what you can grow."
Female stick figure in the act of swooning, hearts above her head.
So kind.  So giving.  So willing to help those of us in distress. 

Like a knight in shining armor that -


Oh, come on... Those were some pretty attractive words!

Those words came from his post on why gardening books won't help you start your garden.  You really should give his site a look-see.  All exaggeration aside, Mike has oodles of helpful information. 

I spent a significant amount of time on his site yesterday, reading about how to plan your garden location, how to grow vegetables in the shade, and even how to create a self watering container for under five bucks.

Admit it.  

You totally just swooned after I told you that.

I can't even begin to explain the warm feeling of relief that washed over me as I learned about urban gardening on his site.  His posts mix warnings with solid advice in a way that makes someone who is about to lose a great deal of gardening area fell rather hopeful.

And that's really what we all want when we're about to head into new territory:


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