Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Grow Bag Progress

We're near the end!  The last time I posted, I talked about my wilty, drooping potato plants.  The more wilty they become, the closer they are to harvest time.  The top leaves were still pretty healthy, though, so I had to leave the grow bag alone.  They were clearly not ready yet.


They've wilted even more.  

Now, brown is showing along the edges. They're still a little too green, but they're getting closer to harvest time!  Yay!

I decided to reach into the top of my green grow bag and feel around so that I could get an idea of just how large the potatoes were.  Sure enough, once I found one, I was able to tell that there was still a way to go.  The one that I touched only felt like it was a little over an inch long, so I left everything alone.

They needed more time.

One concern:  

The potato felt a bit thin, rather than fat.  Now, this was just one potato, so it's likely that others are growing at a good rate, but it still needs to be noted.

I'm really excited.  It won't be much longer, now!!!

It's still hard to believe that creating my own potato grow bag was so easy.  I look forward to the results!

Before the 'browning'

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