Thursday, July 26, 2012

Onion Gardening Progress

I'm not sure whether to dance for joy or become terribly, impatiently frustrated.

Probably both.

See, I've been following the progress of my basement onion gardening project, taking note of the progress each day.  The beginning was actually a bit interesting.

Particularly, day 2.

First, on day 2 I noticed that the onion I placed in the raised garden in the backyard had changed leaf color, becoming more of a healthy green.  Some of the leaves also began reaching toward the sky.

Happily, I ran to the raised garden in the front yard, so that I could see what kind of progress had occurred in that portion of my gardening project.  I stopped abruptly, noticing that my onion was no longer inside the ground.

Oh, those squirrels...

I found it curious that the onion was still in the same location as it had been when I planted it.  Normally, when the squirrels decide that it's time to dig things up, they abscond with the materials... or at least drag them off a few feet.  I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed my onion in order to replant the bulb.

Never give up, right?

I then discovered a bite mark in the bulb.

I guess squirrels aren't big fans of onions.  Oh, well.  At least they have the courage to try new things, right?

I re-planted the bulb and crossed my fingers.

Day 5:

There was a bit more progress, but not a whole lot.  The onion in the backyard garden had a few more leaf blades reaching upward,  but that was about it.

The onion in the front planter, however, was not particularly happy.  I suppose being attacked by a squirrel and then left out in the open didn't do much for its overall well-being.  There was no new growth, and the leaf tips had begun to yellow.

Something tells me this one isn't going to do very well, at all.

What am I hoping for with this gardening project?

While in my grandest dreams I may hope for new onions popping out like mad, I don't really think that'll happen.  In reality, I'm simply hoping for enough growth that I'll have a nice selection of leaf blades.  I'm rather fond of green onions, and my family doesn't complain when they find them in their food!

Will I actually get this result?

I doubt it.

The joy of gardening, however, is in the challenge as well as the learning process involved in it.  It's simply fun to see what will happen!

How do you think this'll turn out?

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