Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Coffee Shop's Brilliant Use of Doors

I'm a coffee fiend.  Or maybe a coffee snob is more accurate...

Seriously.  I have my special methods for preparing it, complete with my special strength of brew, and I even drink it out of a special cup.

Yeah, I'm a nutcase.

This also means, quite naturally, that I can't go just anywhere if I choose to go out for coffee.  If a place gives me the wrong coffee taste or strength, it feels like a personal insult.  Obviously, it's not... I mean, these are businesses, and every cup is made according to the business's decision.

When it comes to coffee, though, logic gets brushed aside.  

It's personal, and if it's not done according to my individual taste, it's bad, and the person who made the coffee did it to specifically offend me.

Fortunately, the majority of my brain realizes that this thought process is seriously flawed, so I don't act in a rude manner toward my barista, and I don't hold grudges that last a lifetime.

Fortunately, also, I have found an amazing local coffee shop that makes spectacular coffee.  It's called The Coffee Stop, quite simply, and I was lucky to have stumbled into it one day.

Well, a couple of days ago I discovered that it was more than just a business that made some of the best coffee ever.  I discovered that the tables also had a very awesome design.


The tables were made through the reuse of doors!!!

How awesome is that?!

They were cut roughly in half, and the corners were removed.  Tempered glass was fitted to the tops to ensure a smooth surface, while still allowing the guest to see the door beneath.  Underneath, there was a leg to hold the tabletop in place from below, and the edge of the table was bolted to the wall.

This was brilliant!  I couldn't believe I had never noticed this before.

Truly, anyone with a basic idea of how to build with wood could do this, and it looks amazing.  

Heck, it's even possible that I could do this, and my knowledge of woodworking isn't particularly... well... existent.

Because of the materials that were used, this could be done for a very low price.  The tempered glass was not custom cut.  Rather, I think the door was cut to match the glass!  Further, a salvaged old door can be used here.  Reuse at its finest!

And discovered while drinking a perfect cup of coffee.  Yes, life is good.

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