Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Eat Your Way to Recovery From Illness!


I shuffled downstairs to the kitchen.  I begin to cough.  It's a very weak cough.  Nothing particularly spectacular.  Except that it won't stop... and it feels like my rib cage is trying to exit my chest through my mouth.

Not particularly happiness inspiring.

My husband got sick while we were off at my grandma's house for Christmas, and as an extra gift... he gave it to me.

I'm actually pretty good at not succumbing to illness.  The problem this time, though, is that I was trapped in a vehicle for 4 hours with those germs as I drove my family back home.  Coughing galore.

So... yep.  I got it.

Once I reached the kitchen I made my typical morning blend of carrots, celery, lemon, orange, and apples.  They were all nicely liquefied in the blender, and so they came out as a rather hearty smoothie.  Normally, I like juicing them, but since the juicer requires a lot of cleaning, I opted for a blended mix.

Oh!  And I added some blueberry into the mix, because blueberries just make the world a little brighter, don't you think?

I then opted for some menudo that I made.  The pot was a little too small, so I didn't add the normal amount of water... which means it was super spicy.  Yum!

 I know... it looks pretty unappealing.  But it really is yummy, I swear!

The smoothie is filled with fresh, uncooked vegetables, and is loaded with nutrients.

This helps a great deal.  Since I drink it regularly, I'll probably be less sick than I otherwise would have been.  I've been treating my body right, after all!

The menudo is made using an ancho chile paste.  

All chile peppers have capsaicin, which I mentioned in my sore throat remedy post.  It doesn't actually cure anything, but it does block pain receptors, which is an absolute necessity when even a weak cough is agonizing!

Throughout the day I'll be using my sore throat remedy, since it'll even have benefits in this illness, though I haven't developed a sore throat, yet.  I'm coughing enough that one could very easily develop.  Always a good idea to be proactive!

I'll also have to avoid my cloth tissues, sadly, because they'll only help spread the wealth of germs.  Drat.  Good thing I found those ology tissues, right?

I'm off to go pamper myself with food!  I truly believe that proper nutrition paves the way toward recovery from illness, and my personal illnesses have yet to prove me wrong.  I tend to get less sick, and recover faster than other people I encounter.

So, go eat your fruits and veggies!  

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