Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!!!

The Protective Environmental Bubble that encompasses the Faribault area has not yet popped!


The Winter Storm that has blown through the midwest has effected just about every school district around us, causing closings and delays, yet our school district is still on schedule.  What does this mean?

It means my daughter still gets her Christmas party today!  Hooray!!!

Don't get me wrong, the roads are pretty bad.  Parents that I walked by during when I got to the preschool were all talking about barely making it up hills, as well as slipping on some roads.

But me?

I skipped past them with my daughter in our snowsuits and multiple clothing layers, happy beyond belief.  We walked to school, after all, so had none of these worries.

Sure, heads turned as I blew by in my Germany-bought military grade snow pants that were handed down to me by my father, while all of the other parents were shivering in their jeans, and in one case, slippers.  Clearly, this desert girl was going overboard in her full snow attire.


I got to do this on my way back from school:

So I'd say that the snow suit was totally worth the funny looks I got!  Wouldn't you?

And now...  it's time to go back outside.

I'm taking a SNOW DAY!!!

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