Saturday, December 29, 2012

Planning Next Season's Garden

Last night I got a catalog in the mail that reminded me of something very important:

It's time to start planning next season's garden!

The catalog in question was from Territorial Seed Company.

Since I was still sick yesterday, I couldn't really give it the attention it deserves, so instead, I asked my daughter what we should plant this next season.  She opened my Nook (don't worry... I got the oops-I-dropped-it-in-the-toilet-then-managed-to-flush-part-of-it-down protection plan, so I'm covered), opened her profile, and started using her drawing program.

What we're looking at is blueberries, plums, and raspberries.  Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that blueberries can't share soil with black walnut trees, so those are out.  The juglone released into the soil acts as a toxin.  Drat.

Plums are out, too.  Not because the black walnut trees would kill them, though they might, but rather, because we've extended our lease until only May 31, which means there's a good chance we'd leave after that.  No point in trees we wouldn't be able to eat the fruit from, right?

Fortunately, we already have raspberries in the back, so she'll get those!

Thoughts I'll need to consider, aside from basics like whether the seeds will grow in this yard at all,are things like

  • Companion planting: Which plants can I grow together that will help control pests and disease?
  • Rotation: If I planted lettuce in a plot this year, can I grow it there next year as well?  Or do I need to grow something else?
  • Days til Harvest: If I leave on May 31, will I have enough time to get anything out of what I planted?  What can I leave in-ground for the next people?  It would have to be something not prone to being invasive, but also something that can survive periods without any human care.
Lots to consider!  I think I'll be snuggling up with my seed catalog today, dreaming of my garden-to-be!

What do you think I should grow?

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