Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Tiny Terrarium Can Make A World of a Difference

I got a late Christmas present, and it was awesome!

I'm one of those people that loves late Christmas presents.  When you receive a present that's late, it generally means that the person really took the time to give you something that you'll love.  It doesn't mean a person forgot you.  Rather, it means the person thought so much about you that they truly took time to give you what you need - even if you didn't realize you needed it.

That's what happened this time.

I received a tiny terrarium filled with moss... and it was exactly what I needed.

Why is this exactly what I needed?

Well, everyone knows that I'm a tree-hugging nature freak.  If I could live outside, I totally would.  My imagination of paradise comes complete with a home built around a mature tree, so that I can be touched by the great outdoors even while I'm inside.

I live for greenery.

Right now, however, there's not much to be seen.  The ground is white with snow, and there are no leaves on the trees.  Understand, I love winter: it's absolutely necessary to the well-being of the plant life around me.  I get that.

I'm just really missing the green, right now.

I miss digging in the dirt.  I miss exploring the wildflowers around me, and learning their benefits, as well as their dangers.  I miss it all, and can't wait for Spring to start poking its nose out and bringing the plants out of hibernation.

Fortunately, the friend that sent this gift knew that I needed it.

Placing a tiny terrarium on my windowsill, overlooking the snow, brought a smile to my face.  I had my green.  I had my dirt.

And it was gorgeous.

Naturally, she found this perfect terrarium on Etsy.  Where else are you going to find something so awesome, that's handmade and unique?

This tiny terrarium was made by a woman named Lisa that lives in Washington state.  I've looked at her store, Tiny Terrains, and everything there is gorgeous and green.  Not only that, but I couldn't find my specific moss terrarium.  Why?

Because everything is unique.  

She makes everything individually, and even sends out a typed instruction sheet that tells you how to care for your new terrarium.  She explains how you may need to fluff it up after you receive it, due to the whole annoying transport part, she explains proper care, and she even tells you what to do if you go on vacation.

Holy crap!  This woman is awesome!

My terrarium is larger than a baseball, but smaller than a softball.  The glass ball, as well as the legs that support it are all a single piece of glass.  And it's sturdy... very sturdy.

Sure, with a bit of effort I could make a terrarium of my very own.  They're really not that difficult to make.  It wouldn't be nearly as cool, however.  This one was made with skill.  It took time to get everything situated so perfectly.  Anything I made would pale in comparison.

I'm a truly lucky woman.  

Not only do I have a beautiful piece of greenery within my home, but I have a friend who knows me well enough to know that it was something I very much needed for my own piece of mind.

Take a look at the Tiny Terrains shop.  I think you'll agree that this is a very wonderful store created by a very wonderful person.  Even her basic mission, found on her Facebook page by the same name, stands out:

"To bring nature and beauty into peoples lives and homes." 

She did that very thing for me, by creating something so simple, yet beautiful.  I'm thankful to her and to the friend that found her.

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