Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perhaps Forced Changes Can Be Good


Yesterday, I woke up to a layer of frost on the inside of my screen door.  But you know what?  It wasn't too cold in the house, which means I get to pat myself on the back for doing a decent job of sealing air leaks.  

Heat escapes through the back door due to a problem with the foundation itself.  I've been able to cut off some of that loss, but the only way to seal that area well is to put the house up on jacks to level the foundation.


The warm air flows out, and the cold air flows in.  So says the great Voice of Thermal Equilibrium.  But it's just one spot, which makes me very happy.

See?  I told you I was happy!

The high wind that brought this frigid air redecorated my yard, as well.

  • The glider bench that was knocked over by wind during a particularly nasty windstorm last year... was knocked over again while in what I thought was a more protected location.  I'm beginning to understand why it was in such bad condition when we first moved in!  
  • My neighbor's trashcan flew into my backyard.
  • Branches galore ended up on the ground.  Surprisingly, none of them were particularly large.
  • Valkyries rode into my yard, direct from Valhalla.
Well, ok.  Maybe there weren't any Valkyries.

It was all nice, simple, boring stuff.

I'm not particularly a fan of boredom, but it can be rather uplifting when you expect to be miserable after wind blows negative temperatures your way.

Indeed, the only real problem I encountered was having my lower eyelashes frozen while I took one of the dogs out.  If that's as bad as it gets, I can totally live with it.

I was trapped inside the house by my fear of going out while there's a sub-arctic wind chill outside, but I decided to enjoy it.  I'm outside pretty much all the time.  Perhaps it's time to change the routine for just a short while: work on some puzzles with my daughter, read a good book, etc.

Sudden changes, even when you don't actually want them to occur, may be good for the soul.  

Perhaps... just maybe... that's when those changes can do the most good.

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