Monday, January 7, 2013

Helping a Friend

A few days ago, a friend's house burned down to the ground.  That friend happens to be the same one that helped me name this blog.  She lost everything except her family, her pets, and the pajamas she was wearing.

I was feeling pretty upset.  

I had a friend that lost everything, and I couldn't do much about it, at all.  She lives across the country, so it wasn't like I could just bring a whole bunch of stuff over to help her out.  All I could really do was contribute a small amount of money to help out.

It made me miserable.  Fortunately, sometimes it's something like that which causes you to realize that maybe, just maybe there is something you can do.

It wasn't until just this morning, though, that I realized what that was:

Mr. Sarcastic Stick Man says "Hey stupid... you run a blog."

Holy Crap, and people read it, too!!!

She helped name Even Green Boots Leave Trails, and therefore, her situation relates to the blog, in a way.  Without her, this blog wouldn't truly be the same.

It seems to me that the blog, therefore, should do something for her.

My friend's cousin has set up a contribution page on FundRazr in order to help her start picking up the pieces again.

This is the photo used in the campaign.
The campaign goal is $5000, and there's still a pretty long way to go before that goal is reached.

As you may have guessed, I'm asking for your help.  

Any small amount would be greatly appreciated.  These ladies are having to start over from scratch.  I can't imagine going through something like that.

If you're interested, the link to the FundRazr donation page that was set up by Heather Fowler is here:

Perhaps you don't have any money to contribute.  Maybe you don't even have the desire.  That's ok.  I completely understand that.

Perhaps, though, you may want to leave a comment, showing my friend Cene' your emotional support.  I'm sure she'd appreciate it, and I know I would.  Sometimes, the best thing a person can receive is a caring thought from a complete stranger.  I mentioned how big of a difference that made to me at one point.

Something like that is never forgotten.

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